About Us

The Annet Group’s purpose and business ethos is firmly rooted in its tag line – “Melius Cotidie”, which means “Better Every Day”. We measure success through our ability to continuously make improvements to everything that we engage with: our customers, our partners, our shareholders, our environment, our society and ourselves.
Comparing yourself to others,
Breeds complacence or malcontent.
Competition is best directed when,
Against your former self it’s spent

Our Culture Of Care

"Focuses on mutual trust. Work environments are warm, collaborative, and welcoming places where people help and support one another. Employees are united by loyalty; leaders emphasize sincerity, teamwork, and positive relationships"

Our Values

Nos Valeurs sont RICHE! - 'Our Values are Rich'.
Triumph is always fleeting,
True victory lies within.
A hero stands alone and tall,
When helping others win.